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Our Story

Anchored on giving back to artists who lacked the opportunities, the founders of ArtSE were motivated to contribute to Singapore’s vibrant art community. As practitioners trained in Art therapy for the PWVs, they themselves are caregivers to their special needs children. Through the birth of ArtSE, the founders desire to use art to create social inclusion, empower and develop any individual who wishes to hone their artistic talent.

Beyond a place to discover art, ArtSE is a safe community to discover oneself and journey towards social independence.

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Our History


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Goshen Art Gallery

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Goshen Art Gallery
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ArtSE recognised as Business For Good by raiSE

Our Achievements

*Numbers are accurate as of August 2019.


PWVs impacted through employment and various art outreaches through communities and corporate CSR activities


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What We Do

Art And Empowerment
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Art & Empowerment

Our core mission is to address practical issues and help PWVs gain a chance at employment. Besides seeking out internship collaborations, we support our PWV artists into financial independence through commissioned and exhibition works.

Art And Integration
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Art & Integration

At ArtSE, we provide a platform for PWVs to get to interact with the mainstream society and vice versa through working exposure from exhibitions, events and workshops. We work towards an inclusive future where marginalised beneficiaries are integrated to society harmoniously.

Art And Sustainability
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Art & Sustainability

Art holds no boundaries to a person’s creativity. We recognise art as a medium for self-expression, it plays an important role in reflecting our cultural values, beliefs, identity and beyond that — preserve communities. We hope to become a sustainable avenue at ArtSE to continuously promote and maintain Arts and Culture in Singapore.

Our Name


ArtSE directly translates as ‘Art’ and ‘Social Enterprise’ (SE). Apart from its literal meaning, the acronym SE also represents Art ‘soul engineer’ or Art ‘self-enablers’. We see art as a powerful enabler that empowers and connects the soul and mind. With the prevalence of mental illness in today’s society, our motivation behind ArtSE is to cultivate mindfulness through art in every individual — caregiver and corporates alike.

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Our Logo

The logo is inspired by ArtSE’s 5 curriculum: value-base, community-base, choice-base, cultural-base, faith-base. Resembling a mosaic piece, the diamond signifies the coming together of individuals despite their imperfections — assembled to form a finished artwork. It represents ArtSE’s non-conforming nature of creating an inclusive society.

The Team

Faith Lum

Faith Lum


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Rudy Lee

Rudy Lee

Deaf Executive for Art
Patron & Art Outreach CSR

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John Toh

John Toh

Senior Teacher

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