How Arts as a therapy help autistic teens/children?

Autistic teenagers can be overwhelmed or pressured by the hectic world of their mind. Creating art give them a chance to slow down and explore any issues. It can not only help them deal with lack of expressions in word, but also raise their self esteems. Art therapy is not about learning to be great artist but also find meaningful life and connection as long as they are willingly to experiment.

Benefits of Art Therapy

  • Self Discovery: Art help them to acknowledge and recognize feelings that have been lurking in their conscious.
  • Self Esteem: By exploring themselves with process of art, it gives them self-accomplishment which is good for their self-appreciation and confidence especially fine motor skills.
  • Emotional Release: As complex emotions such as sadness or anger, these cannot be expressed by words from the autistic kids, art therapy give them a healthy outlet for expressing & letting go of negative feelings.
  • Stress Relief: Creating art can be used to relieve stress and to calm the mind and body down.


For children and teenagers,

It is a wonderful way to open doors to self-expression and engagement. So as later into their adulthood, the art process can cultivate them a sense of artistic identity, to being themselves as an artist of their own right.